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Vanessa Rogers A Little Book of Alcohol

A Little Book of Alcohol: Activities to Explore Alcohol Issues with Young People, 2nd edition

For young people, alcohol can be easy to access, but how do they know how much is safe to drink? What if they don't want to drink but all their friends do? Do they know what the effects of drinking alcohol are? 

Vanessa Rogers A Little Book of Tobacco

A Little Book of Tobacco: Activities to Explore Smoking Issues with Young People

This hands-on resource will help young people understand all the facts about tobacco, encourage them to think about and discuss the issues, and help them make positive choices. It is packed with engaging and imaginative activities that explore a wide range of tobacco-related issues. Activities range from fun group games and challenging quizzes to role-plays and thought-provoking discussions, and are suitable for young people aged 11-19, in groups or one-on-one.

Vanessa Rogers A Little Book of Drugs

A Little Book of Drugs: Activities to Explore Drug Issues with Young People, 2nd edition

Many teenagers will come into contact with drugs, but do they know all the facts about drugs? What should they do if they feel pressured into taking drugs? Do they know the effects of taking drugs, and what the consequences might be? 

Act Out! by Vanessa Rogers

Act Out!

It's no secret that drama and acting are great ways of encouraging young people to express themselves and participate. Drama and role-play activities are not only fun, but they can be empowering and liberating too. What's less clear is how the worker can maximise opportunities for this type of work, particularly if she or he does not come from an arts background. Act Out! brings you 32 brilliant and easy-to-use exercises that can be put to good use with groups of young people between 11 and 16