Anger Management

Anger ManagementThis range of activities enables young people to explore their angry and aggressive behaviour and experiment with new ways to express feelings in a more positive way. Sessions include responses to challenging/difficult situations, managing stress, factors & 'triggers' that can lead to aggression and simple techniques to cope better with challenging situations.

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Stress cardsActivity 36 - Stress cards
Expressing feelings –  agree / disagreeActivity 37 - Expressing feelings – agree / disagree
My anger action planActivity 38 - My anger action plan
Recognising personal boundariesActivity 39 - Recognising personal boundaries
Recognising physical  and emotional boundariesActivity 40 - Recognising physical and emotional boundaries
Possession V loveActivity 41 - Possession V love
Positive picturesActivity 42 - Positive pictures
Assertive communicationActivity 43 - Assertive communication
Anger BingoActivity 44 - Anger Bingo
Physical and emotional responsesActivity 45 - Physical and emotional responses
IDEAL problem solvingActivity 46 - IDEAL problem solving
Positive talkActivity 47 - Positive talk
Reviewing anger managementActivity 48 - Reviewing anger management
Stress GalleryActivity 49 - Stress Gallery
Links between anger and violenceActivity 50 - Links between anger and violence
Expressing angry feelingsActivity 51 - Expressing angry feelings
Warm glows and cold pricklesActivity 52 - Warm glows and cold prickles
Ownership of feelingsActivity 53 - Ownership of feelings
Anger galleryActivity 54 - Anger gallery