Arts & Crafts

Creative projects are an excellent way to encourage young people to explore their feelings and express themselves. Within this section there are so many art forms to choose from – music, dance, painting, photography and crafts. With so many different activities to choose from there is always an art form that will appeal to young people.

Activity 37 - Friendship fan

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Friendship fan

This is an activity to close a session that reinforces the personal qualities required to be a good friend, building confidence and increasing self-esteem.

Activity 36 - Friendship wreath

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Friendship wreath

This is a teambuilding activity that uses basic craft skills to develop a visual representation of ‘friendship’.

Activity 35 - Colour warm up

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Colour warm up

This icebreaker encourages young people to discuss their feelings and emotions
through colour.

Activity 34 - Making a piñata

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Making a piñata

Ever wondered how to make a piñata? Follow these instructions to make a simple piñata for young people
to enjoy.

Activity 33 - My Community-scape

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | My Community-scape

This is an effective way of creating an image of young people’s community that needs little artistic ability. Displayed together the pictures can create a powerful image of young people’s perceptions of where they live.

Activity 32 - Fundraising Penny Portrait

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Fundraising Penny Portrait

This is a creative activity that will take several months to complete, where young people work together to create a giant portrait, whilst raising money too!

Activity 31 - Me in colours

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Me in colours

This is a low-cost creative activity where young people design a ‘tile’ in colour to represent themselves.

Activity 30 - Polystyrene Skull Prints

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource

This project creates skull design prints to celebrate the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead, (El Día de los Muertos or All Souls' Day) using polystyrene printing blocks. This session could also be used for Halloween or the printing process adapted for any theme.

Activity 29 - Recycled Cardboard Printing

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource

This project uses recycled cardboard to make printing blocks. These are then used to create a group collage to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Activity 28 - Our Street

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource

The aim of this session is to create a street scene that the whole group has participated in making over several weeks. This can be a ‘real’ street or the chance to create an ideal community.

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