Drama and Role Play

Drama and role-play activities enable young people to literally “step outside” of their own life experiences and work through issues, express feelings and explore differences within a chosen role. The ideas selected here create opportunities to try out different responses to a wide range of situations and model different behaviours, without necessarily leading to a performance. Importantly, through role-play young people can learn not just about themselves but also develop empathy for others.

Activity 47 - Stations

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Stations

This game builds active listening skills and is a good group energiser.

Activity 46 - Quick change artist

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Quick change artist

This is a circle time activity to build observational skills and non-verbal communication.

Activity 45 - Smoking - getting the message

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Smoking - getting the message

This activity introduces young people to the idea that until 2002 the Tobacco Industry could openly advertise cigarettes on TV and at the movies and sets them the task of creating a three minute TV advert that reflects the truth about smoking.

Activity 44 - Sentence starters

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Sentence starters

This activity builds confidence in public speaking and the time boundary encourages even the most reluctant group member to take part.

Activity 43 - Presenting with confidence

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Presenting with confidence

By taking part in this activity young people will get the chance to experience presenting & recording information as well as well having an active role in the audience.

Activity 42 - One minute speeches

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | One minute speeches

The aim of this game is to build young people’s confidence in public speaking without a script.

Activity 41 - My favourite things

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | My favourite things

This game is great for developing flexibility of thinking and encouraging young people to think on the spot as they improvise a short scene using random props.

Activity 40 - Music, lines & emotions

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Music, lines & emotions

This activity encourages young people to explore the concept of expressing their emotions through music and discuss how it is used in film.

Activity 39 - My first music

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | My first music

This icebreaker creates a fun opportunity to get to know each other and opens up discussions about musical preferences and different genres.

Activity 38 - Performance Quiz

Vanessa Rogers Downloadable Resource | Performance Quiz

This is a quick quiz that invites young people to guess the meaning of some well - known performance phrases.

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