Drugs and Alcohol

Most young people will come into contact with drugs, tobacco or alcohol at some stage in their life and will need to make decisions and choices. The resources in this section offer creative ways to give information and explore values and attitudes, whilst building the skills required for young people to make positive choices to keep safe.

Activity 54 - Alcohol storyboards

Downloadable Resource, Alcohol storyboards

This activity can be used to open up discussions around the wider harm that alcohol can cause to people other than the drinker, and explore the potential knock on effects of drinking too much.

Activity 53 - Traffic lights

Downloadable Resource, Traffic lights

This sorting activity uses the familiar red, amber, green traffic lights system to open up discussions around the wider harm that alcohol can cause to people other than the drinker.

Activity 52 - Exploring responsible drinking

Downloadable Resource, Exploring responsible drinking

This activity uses a worksheet to explore young people’s values and attitudes to drinking alcohol in a wide range of contexts, and aims to distinguish between drinking alcohol responsibly and misusing alcohol.

Activity 51 - Why drink?

Downloadable Resource, Why drink?

This activity begins to explore some of the reasons why a young person might choose to drink alcohol.

Activity 50 - Divided opinions

Downloadable Resource, Divided opinions

This exercise looks at common opinions about drug addiction and explores some of the issues involved in giving up.

Activity 49 - Peer drug awareness

Downloadable Resource, Peer drug awareness

This session helps young people explore some of the possible psychological and physical effects of taking drugs before designing an advert to raise awareness with younger peers.

Activity 48 - Drugs - health continuum

Downloadable Resource, Drugs - health continuum

This is a really quick warm up to help you assess existing knowledge and introduce the effects of drugs on health.

Activity 47 - Drugs – the wider harm

Downloadable Resource, Drugs – the wider harm

This activity opens up discussions around the wider harm that drug misuse can cause to people other than the person who chose to take drugs, and identifies the potential consequences to others.

Activity 46 - Addiction vaccination

Downloadable Resource, Addiction vaccination

This session encourages young people to share their opinions about the wider damage that drug and/or alcohol misuse can have on those around them.

Activity 45 - Why do people take drugs?

Downloadable Resource, Why do people take drugs?

This discussion based activity explores the reasons why some people choose to use / misuse illegal substances.

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