Teambuilding by Vanessa Rogers

Teambuilding by Vanessa Rogers

**Vanessa Rogers Website Exclusive**

Good teamwork is a vital ingredient of any successful, working group. A youth project is much more likely to succeed if everyone feels involved and motivated. Teambuilding outlines numerous methods of boosting that all-important spirit of friendship and togetherness.

Although goals may be set for an entire team, individuals within the team may see things in different ways. This book recognises that people have different priorities, and promotes the idea of a supportive culture that will recognise the contribution of everyone.

Easy to use and split into handy sections, Teambuilding is packed with ideas for young people, from developing leadership skills to fostering the ability to follow instructions and work cooperatively. It contains 28 brilliant ideas to get your group working as one. These include games designed to stimulate cooperation, activities that build trust, group tasks and outdoor ideas.