Pornography: empowering or exploitative?

Pornography: empowering or exploitative?

New onto the RSE curriculum, this online workshop will enable educators to develop the skills to be able to talk to young people about this emotive topic with confidence.

Lockdown has seen a rise in the consumption of pornography, particularly amongst young people. From ethical porn to the homemade variety, live streaming to free downloads, pretty much anything is available on most devices, paid for by unwitting parents and carers and watched in the comfort of home.

But without education and support how are children and young people supposed to be able to distinguish between fantasy sex and the real-life positive relationships they aspire to? Whilst not all young people watch porn, statistically most will have to make choices about it and to do that they need to develop the confidence and skills to question what they see and consider its potential impact and influence on everything from their expectations of sex to body image and gender-based stereotypes.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand different perspectives on the role of popular music and its potential influence on children and young people.
  • The meaning of ethical and feminist porn and the laws to protect children & young people.
  • The potential impact of sexualised music videos and lyrical content on self-esteem, body image and expectations of relationships and sex.
  • The potential for porn to perpetuate old gender stereotypes in comparison to arguments about its ability to empower and liberate
  • Peer and media influences on ‘sexting’, nude selfies and revenge porn and the importance of consent.