About Vanessa Rogers Resource Library

Vanessa Rogers resources are carefully structured to offer quality session / lesson plans that are effective and engaging. All of them have been tried and tested in the field and evaluated by young people, so you can download and use them with confidence.

Each activity is set out under the following headers to help you structure the sessions and build an interesting and diverse curriculum.


An overview of what the activity intends to cover and the key learning points.

You will need

This identifies any materials that you will need in order to deliver the activity effectively. It also outlines any preparation required, e.g. photocopying or setting up the room.

How to do it

This is a step-by-step guide of how to deliver the session. It includes ideas for adapting tasks to meet the differing learning, emotional or physical needs of young people, as well as suggestions for group or classroom management.

Any potentially sensitive issues are highlighted and discussed e.g. sexual health, bereavement or drugs. There are also suggestions about when to seek parental consent. Where possible suggestions are made for adapting activities from group work to individual tasks.

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Please note 

All factual information on this website is correct at the time of publishing. We regularly update VR resource downloads but facilitators are advised to check that any legislation quoted is still current and applicable, as no responsibility can be taken by the author.