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Increasingly agencies are looking to consult with young people and encourage their active involvement in shaping the services that affect them. This section offers a range of training programmes to support and motivate young people to get involved and bring about positive change.

Youth Advocacy & Participation

From local campaigns to peer education programmes and service consultations there are an increasing number of opportunities for young people to shape the services they use and get their voices heard in the community.

This training will help develop the skills young people require to campaign, advocate and represent peers on the issues that affect them.

This course is offered as a one or two day course, and can be delivered as a ‘train the trainer’ programme for anyone working with young people on the participation agenda. Alternatively Vanessa can facilitate it for groups of up to twelve young people aged 13-19.

Learning outcomes

  • By the end of this training participants will have:
  • Considered ways to promote active citizenship and community participation
  • Developed communication and listening skills
  • Increased self confidence and motivation
  • A clearer understanding of advocacy and the skills required to represent others
  • Considered diversity issues and thought of ways to get the voices of under-represented young people heard

Peer Mentoring

This day is an introduction to peer mentoring and provides youth workers & Connexions PA's with activities and ideas to create a training programme for young people to become peer mentors.

Learning outcomes
The training aims to:

  • Increase understanding of the peer-mentoring role
  • Look at building positive relationships between mentors and mentee's
  • Consider ways to accredit work done by young people as peer mentors
  • Share a range of activities to use with young people to develop mentoring skills as part of a training programme
  • Offer a framework for the development of a peer-mentoring scheme

Developing Facilitation Skills

This programme has been developed to enable young people to build the skills to facilitate peer workshops, consultation events and training. Working on assertiveness, exploring diversity and the ability to represent yourself and others, the day provides anyone working with 13-19 a toolkit to deliver facilitation skills workshops with confidence.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:

  • Consider the range of opportunities for young people to use facilitation skills
  • Explore a range of activities and tools to build facilitation skills
  • Look at ways to enable young people to challenge effectively and manage group behaviour
  • Consider diversity and cultural issues

Motivating Young People

This introduction to motivation has been devised to provide youth workers and Connexions advisors with a basic toolkit of techniques to help motivate young people.

The workshop offers activities to look at what motivates some people more than others and considers ways to build confidence so that young people can set their own achievable goals.

Learning outcomes
Participants will have:

  • Explored what motivates people to succeed
  • An overview of some theoretical models
  • Tried out a range of activities and tools to motivate young people
  • Explored the use of feedback
  • Considered ways to set goals and targets with young people
  • Developed an action plan for motivation

Confidence Building & Assertiveness

This workshop aims to provide a toolkit of ideas for workers to build confidence skills with young people enabling them to communicate more effectively using assertive behaviour techniques. It also offers ideas to explore with young people the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour and ways to say what you want, whilst respecting others.

Learning outcomes
This training offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore confidence and sources of personal power
  • Consider assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Try out confidence and assertiveness building activities
  • Take part in communication building activites

Feedback from delegates...

"I wanted to say a massive thanks for the training that you delivered for our Staff Team on our residential. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and took away a lot of learning that they are already applying to their practice. The evaluations forms were extremely positive and were complimentary of the style, content and delivery of your training."

Delegate: Donna Hilton, Youth Service Manager, DUH Youth Service
Date: June  2010
Course attended: Confidence Building & Assertiveness