Books by Vanessa Rogers

Books by Author Vanessa RogersA best selling author for the NYA (National Youth Agency), and now published by Jessica Kingsley Vanessa has published over 20 leading titles, which are used extensively throughout UK local authorites and schools by youth workers, Connexions workers, participation officers, teachers & voluntary sector youth leaders to support them in the delivery of quality youth work.

The books are published in four distinct ranges, the new, downloadable ebooks; Health and Wellbeing range; hugely popular Social Education Handbooks which are indispensable complete resource packs and Pocket Resource Books, which are condensed, handy guides - perfect for when you are out and about. 

If you are looking for a specific session plan or want an activity for one topic try looking in the Resource Download area, where you can buy individual activities. There are also three free downloads a month on offer.