Community Participation & Citizenship

Increasingly agencies are looking to consult with young people and encourage their active involvement in shaping the services that affect them. This section offers a range of resources to explore active citizenship, motivating young people to get involved in their communities, support volunteering, develop peer mentoring and bring about positive change.

Activity 31 - People and Places Warm Up

Youth Work Resource | People and Places Warm Up

This team game opens up discussion about politics in the UK and assesses existing knowledge within the

Activity 30 - Reasons to Vote!

Reasons to Vote!

To create a group “Top 5 Reasons to Vote” list that can be shared with other young people.

Activity 29 - Who Should Vote?

Who Should Vote?

This exercise provokes discussion and explores values within the group about the UK voting system and the individual right to vote.

Activity 28 - Who Cares?

Who Cares?

The idea of this exercise is to develop a “Concern Continuum” that shows the issues of importance to the group and introduces the topic of campaign for change. This can lead to a much larger participation project as young people learn who makes decisions and how to effect positive change.

Activity 27 - Give me the meaning!

Give me the meaning!

This warm up encourages young people to think about the meaning of some words used in the world of politics, and gives you the opportunity to check out existing knowledge.

Activity 26 - Leadership Skills and Qualities

Leadership Skills and Qualities

This opening exercise to work around democracy and voting encourages young people to discuss what they think are the characteristics that make someone a strong leader.

Activity 25 - The Deserving and the Undeserving

The Deserving and the Undeserving

This activity explores the ethics of giving charity and aid to different causes.

Activity 24 - Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home

This group exercise explores the ethics around giving to others with young people.

Activity 23 - Charity Scatter

Charity Scatter

This activity offers the facilitator a quick way of assessing the knowledge within the group about charities, and starts the process of exploring the connection between personal beliefs, values and experiences and the causes we choose to support.

Activity 22 - World Pledges

World Pledges

This exercise encourages young people to explore their beliefs, values and ethics and introduces the topic of charity and world aid.

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