Community Participation & Citizenship

Increasingly agencies are looking to consult with young people and encourage their active involvement in shaping the services that affect them. This section offers a range of resources to explore active citizenship, motivating young people to get involved in their communities, support volunteering, develop peer mentoring and bring about positive change.

Activity 21 - Integrity & Honour

Integrity & Honour

This activity explores the notion of standing up for your principles and beliefs.

Activity 16 - Mapping Food in the Community


This activity raises young people’s awareness about the distances that food travels around the world before ending up on our tables.

Activity 20 - Volunteer Boundaries Role-play


This activity explores the boundaries and limitations of a volunteer’s role. As with all drama based activities this will lead wherever participants take it. Often this is dependent on how much they relate to the situation described at the start, so you can add to the suggestions given to make the situations more relevant to your project

Activity 19 - Why do people volunteer?


This warm up exercise encourages young people to see the personal and social benefits of voluntary work.

Activity 18 - Volunteer Action Diamond 9


This is a sorting activity to explore the reasons why young people might not get involved in volunteering opportunities.

Activity 17 - The Volunteer Ship


This activity explores the personal skills and qualities required to be a volunteer youth worker.

Activity 15 - Speaking out!


This activity encourages young people to speak out about the things that are important to them, and opens up discussions about barriers to making a difference.

Activity 14 - Make your voice heard!


This activity asks young people to consider the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive communication and builds skills to be able to choose the appropriate communication style.

Activity 13 - Representing others


This is a group activity that considers the role of the media and how young people are portrayed. It helps develop skills to represent different points of view.

Activity 12 - What is advocacy?


This exercise helps assess knowledge within the group about what ‘advocacy’ is and the role of an advocate.

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